Astro Loyalty

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Indy Pet Retailers Active with Astro Offers Can Average 20-25% More Daily Sales

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Credits are expedited due to Astro’s celebrated automated reporting. You can’t get any simpler than that!

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Your customers appreciate value, and they want to shop locally. With Astro Offers, they can experience both when they shop with you. Everyone wins!

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Customers won’t find these deals at Big-Box or Massive Online-Only competitors. Astro Offers are for Astro Members Only. Join the club!

Built-In Marketing

A printable shelf talker accompanies each Offer. Digital Marketing is automated via our complimentary Astro Mobile App and the My Astro Webpage. The Astro Marketing Suite with Astro Social provides additional integrated multi-media marketing tools.

It has never been easier to get the word out!

A Quick Look At Offers:

Exponential growth has never been this simple!

"Astro Offers is so easy to use and reliable that it has become our first choice for in-store promotions here at Pets on Broadway. We see noticeable increases in sales of items in our Astro Offers, and often those items will continue to see increased sales for months after the promo has ended."

Sarah Hudson-Sims, Owner, Pets on Broadway

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Come see for yourself how Astro Offers is changing the game for Neighborhood Pet.